Resources of Interest.

 Resources of Interest

What the New Zealand Institute of Architects have to say…

NZIA Working with an Architect (PDF)

What really happens when you work with an Architect?  How does the process go?  The NZIA present an easy to read outline here…

NZIA 10 Myths about Architects (PDF)

Did they really say that?!  No, surely not?  So what are Architects all about?

Life, what’s it all about and how does the built environment impact my enjoyment of it?

Wellbeing Design – Cohere (PDF)

“Wellbeing, one of the fastest growing global trends in Design”, here Ash Buchanan from Cohere, defines what Wellbeing is and how the chosen design process can positively influence it.

Dieter Rams’ 10 Principles for Good Design (PDF)

Legendary German designer Dieter Rams introduced the idea of sustainable development and of obsolescence being a crime in design in the 1970s.  Here are his thoughts on what key attributes of good design look like…

High-Performance building standards?  How might they help me?

Passivhaus Primer (PDF)

The ultimate high-performance building standard, focused on human comfort and energy savings…


Aimed at the commercial sector, to benefit the wellbeing of a business’s most precious resource… it’s people

Living building Challenge (LBC)

What does ‘Good’ look like?  Starting with this question, the LBC assesses the building’s performance in it’s own right and also how it impacts the ecology in which it sits.  Arguably the world’s toughest building standard to achieve, the LBC is a holistic assessment of a buildings performance, in a real life situation.

The business case for better workplace design…

A Living Systems Approach to Design (PDF)

Here Bill Reed of the Regenesis Collaborative, explains a ‘whole system’ way of thinking.  The Brattleboro Coop case-study on page 10, neatly shows how when this is applied to a single building project, substantial new business opportunities can arise.

Human Spaces – The Case for Biophilic Design in the Workplace (PDF)

The relationship between individuals and their environment can be a crucial determinant of how they feel, perform and interact with others. So, designing spaces that inspire, energize and support the people who use them is a global imperative.

This report explores the relationship between psychological well-being, work environments and employee expectations on a global scale.

Human Spaces –  Biophilic Design Infographic (PDF)

….and for those that are a little more visual, here are the findings of the Human Spaces report in infographic format!

Health, Wellbeing and Productivity in Offices – The next chapter for green buildings (PDF)

Where staff costs, including salaries and benefits, typically account for about 90% of business operating costs, modest improvement in employee health or productivity, can have a huge financial implication for employers.

This report puts forward the best and latest information on the building design features that are known to have positive impacts on the health, wellbeing and productivity of office building occupants.





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