Could we work together.

Could We Work Together?

How will you know if we might be a good fit?

Well, you’ll care about your community, about the people around you. Your ‘community’ might be family, colleagues or neighbours but you’ll understand that their welfare influences your own. Architecture generally doesn’t result in a piece of artwork you hang privately on the wall. It’s a public display of your ideas, values & beliefs.

You’ll care about your environment, the natural and the man made. You’ll understand how inter-dependent we are with our environment and how much of an influence we have on it (and more importantly, how with thought and care we can have a positive influence on it).

You’ll be open to ideas from anywhere, so long as they’re good ideas. What’s a good idea? One which inspires you, which nurtures you, which enhances our day.

You’ll want to participate in the creative process, in discussions on how you live and ideas that might enhance that. You’ll research ideas, materials and concepts, challenging us to include, adapt or apply them, within the scope of the project. You’ll have an opinion and be comfortable sharing it with us. When it comes to what is right for you, the only person who can tell for sure, is you.

You’ll understand that there are a good number of decisions to be made, that they are all connected and each will influence the following one. You’ll understand that you may need to undo a few decisions as new ideas come to light. Great design is an iterative process, back & forth, round & round but progressively moving towards a design that can be built into a structure, a building, an environment that supports you in your daily activities.

You’ll recognise that big decisions made in the early design stages are worth taking time over, as they have the biggest impact on the outcome of the project. You’ll recognise that God might be in the details (or maybe not), but that they are worth taking time over too!

You’ll know that design & construction are a team sport, that no one person does it all. You’ll know that good ideas can come from anywhere and that each and every part of the project, process and team is important and has value.

You’ll appreciate that engineers and builders are a very valuable part of the equation and that the knowledge & experience they bring, can add immense value. Having them on board earlier rather than later is a bonus.

You’ll appreciate that the Architects involved are worth every penny, and then some. They are generally a modest lot when it comes to turning your dreams into reality (and many have a good sense of humour too).

After all that of course, We know that without YOU the client, there would be no project!

If this sounds like you, give us a call or email us today.

Talk to you soon!

Duncan Sinclair
Black Pine Architects

“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.”
― Coco Chanel

“Buildings should be made to support human life & behaviour” – Alvar Alto

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