Verbena Road.

    Verbena Road.

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Location Group & Devon Homes were looking for an Architectural partner to bring together their 14 Unit multi-level townhouse project on the North Shore in Auckland.

Working remotely from Whanganui, Black Pine Architects took the initial planning developed by Leuschke Group, incorporated numerous changes and completed the eight Building Consent applications.

Black Pine then managed multiple amendments as the project developed, responding to site developments arising during construction and various client requests.  Documentation to support amendments to the Resource Consent was also developed.

What the client is after:

Someone to:

-provide architectural design direction to the project

-manage the Building Consent process

-co-ordinate input from Engineers (Geotech, traffic & structural), Landscape Architects, Building Consent Authorities, Resource Consent Authorities, specialist suppliers and the site team into a cohesive documentation set

-work in a positive, solution-based manner with the site team creating details that are attractive, cost effective & in keeping with the design intent

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