Jeff & Renate’s Home.

    Jeff & Renate’s Home.


Brunswick eHaus

Based on a concept that Jeff & Renate had developed, the design is based on a ‘typical’ British style ‘Detached’ home. We worked together to ensure that within this design concept, the dual priorities of PassivHaus standard and efficient use of finances were maximised.

The home features a double height entry that both reflects the ‘upright’ nature of the design and also provides instant respite from the weather on this exposed, rural site.

The distant mountain vista is presented as you enter the dining room, with Mt Ruapehu showing clear on the horizon.

The Kitchen design allows observation of visitors as they enter the site, while also providing close connection to the dining room, entrance & garage links.

Bedrooms upstairs provide rural vistas as the rising sun slips in the windows; the north facing ensuite ensures that this is enjoyed until Jeff & Renate are ready for the day.

The home also features a number of technical advances. Superior insulation and high performance windows & doors allow the heat recovery system to work at peak efficiency. The result is an environment that is consistently warm and comfortable, with fresh, healthy air quality a constant.

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