Calman Home.

    Calman Home.

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Cathie & Graeme envisioned a comfortable warm home, able to welcome visiting family and take in sweeping views over the Whanganui River & Tasman Sea.

Throughout the design, construction & finishing, they were both actively involved, bringing their engineering & décor knowledge to the fore.

Technically there were a number of innovations:

-custom precast concrete window sills (frequently seen in Europe but not in NZ) and plastered window reveals created a detailed, elegant finish.

-A fully glazed link between the garage and home provides a visual separation, while maintaining indoor comfort when arriving home.

-Whanganui’s first MaxRaft fully insulated floor slab, ensures that all the valuable solar gain is retained within the home, not heating the garden!

-140mm thick wall framing allowed a higher standard of insulation and created a more ‘solid’ feel to the home, on an exposed site this is appreciated!

-Glazed entry ways and interior glazed partitions allows daylight to reach the innermost parts of this home, ensuring it is light & welcoming

-a 3D printed model of the project was created during the design stages, ensuring a thorough understanding by all involved.

Besides the technical performance attributes, a key feature of the project that contributed greatly to it’s success, was Cathie & Graeme’s people-focused approach.  Although the physical outcome of a construction project is a built object, the path to it’s creation is a team effort and totally a result of the people involved.

It was this people-focused way of thinking, considering those here now and those to come, that led to the adoption of many attributes of the Lifemark design standard.  This resulted in the design providing a home able to be usable and safe for people of all ages and stages, a home easy to live in – for a lifetime.

A ‘corner stone’ was laid, marking the construction of the home and providing a sound foundation for the future. And a social gathering held to celebrate it’s completion with those in the local community.  Starting this home’s new life with ‘good karma’, an often forgotten but important element, in a place that will provide comfort & support to people for years to come.

Thanks also to Gilmore Homes & Builders and their team.  Throughout the project they were an outstanding construction team to work with, approaching construction challenges in a positive and proactive manner, producing a beautifully finished home.

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