Acrylic Solid Surface

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Acrylic Solid Surface is available in New Zealand under a number of brand names such as Laminex Solid Surface, Tristone and Corian. under a number of brand names such as Laminex Solid Surface, Tristone and Corian.

It’s more durable and attractive than most laminates and considerably less expensive than natural or composite stone. It’s made of a thermoformable acrylic which can be shaped and moulded to fit your designs and measurements exactly.

Its fade-resistant and non-porous properties make it an ideal product for the kitchen or bathroom.

Available in a range of colours and patterns, this product provides superior stain and bacteria resistance and its seamless joins make it easy to clean and extremely hygienic.

This product is so flexible that an integrated sink and drainer plane can be shaped into its design or you can even have it embedded for wireless charging integration to really add the smart to your smart home.


• Kitchen and bathroom countertops – consider integrating Laminex Solid Surface sinks into your design
• Its hygiene grade makes this product ideal for hospitals, medical facilities such as dentists plus it can provide a modernity to traditionally sterile interiors
• Hospitality – for busy surfaces in restaurants, cafes and bars
• Schools – science and technology areas, staffrooms, pre-schools, libraries
• Commercial – reception counters, kitchenettes, boardrooms, training facilities and retail
• Feature walls – you are only limited by your imagination


• Can be moulded into almost any shape and very durable
• Seamless finish makes the surface easy to clean and excellent for hygiene
• Non-porous surface gives exceptional stain and bacteria resistance
• Fully repairable and renewable meaning surfaces can be fully restored to their original condition
• Fade resistance provides good colour stability over the lifetime of the product

This product boasts fabulous hygienic properties which only enhances its performance in a multitude of high-use installations. It has a long-life and does not chip like other laminates.
Check with your supplier for their sustainability credentials.

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