Tilt and turn windows and doors

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Windows with tilt and turn functionality are commonplace in Europe and are now gaining popularity amongst discerning architects, designers and property owners in New Zealand.

 The tilt and turn is a joinery system designed to give any window or door two opening options.

With the turn of a handle the window tilts in at the top and allows fresh air to flow into the room and trapped hot air at ceiling height to be drawn out so that little if any draft is felt, promoting passive and secure ventilation.

Windows and doors can be left securely in this ventilation mode in all but the worst driving rain, allowing your home to breathe with optimal efficiency.

Turn the handle again and the window turns in at over 90 degrees, allowing more fresh air in and making it easier to clean. In this mode the sash becomes side hung and opens inward and provides easy access and unrestricted views.

When the handle is placed in the locked position, the window or door is sealed securely and locked using a multi-point locking system around the entire frame.

It firmly compresses the dual gasket seal resulting in a completely draft free, weathertight window or door which can be operated with just one hand.


  • Anywhere fresh air, security and energy efficiency are important
  • Great for ground floor joinery installations

Features & Benefits

  • No heat loss through windows
  • Area around window not cold
  • No draughts
  • Available in double or triple glazing
  • Window is secure while open in tilt mode
  • Weathertight
  • Lower monthly heating costs
  • Double seals
  • Concealed multipoint locking system integrated into the frame
  • All locking points are operated by one handle

A multifunctional system for greater versatility, security and energy efficiency


For more information about tilt and turn joinery for your project, have a look at these local websites:



Let Black Pine Architects assist you with incorporating this product into your next project.

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