Photovoltaic (PV) Glass

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Photovoltaic or PV glass windows generate free and clean electricity thanks to the sun. Less obtrusive than installing traditional solar panels, PV glass windows seamlessly integrate solar energy generation into your building project.

How it works – solar cells are embedded between two glass panes and a special resin is filled between the panes to securely wrap the solar cells on all sides. Each individual cell has two electrical connections which are linked to other cells in the module. This forms a system that generates a direct electrical current.

PV glass allows natural light to go through and provides thermal and sound insulation with the ability to filter UV radiation.

PV glass provides long term energy savings and is already being used in a number of large projects around the world. This is a very exciting development in design and construction and means that power for a building could be produced within the roof, canopy, skylight or from glazed vertical façade elements.


  • Buildings
  • Skylights
  • Canopies and pergolas
  • Balustrades
  • Facades

Features & Benefits

  • Generates electricity without being visually obvious
  • Used in skylights, it reduces the need for artificial lighting
  • Thermal and sound insulation
  • Can be retrofitted
  • Silent operation
  • Clean energy
  • Long term energy savings

Harness the free energy from the sun and turn it into electricity.


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