Natural Swimming Pools

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Natural swimming pools are pools that use plants and other biofilters instead of chemicals to keep the water clean.

Developed in Europe, natural pools are divided into two zones: the swimming area and a shallower area (regeneration zone) filled with aquatic plants which oxygenate and purify the water.

The regeneration zone houses aquatic plants which not only oxygenate the water but along with micro-organisms, act as living filters and organic cleansers, naturally and continually filtering the water through their root system.

The water in the regeneration zone is then circulated through aggregate, further filtering the water and returning it to the swimming area using a small pump.

With a number of health and cost benefits, it’s easy to see why these fresh water pools are becoming so popular.

Features & Benefits

  • Pure and fresh water
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Swimming in a natural pool doesn’t leave you with itchy red eyes, dry skin or wanting a shower
  • Less power required to run pump when compared with a traditional pool’s filter system
  • Less maintenance and lower ongoing costs
  • Natural pools can be any depth, shape or size, ideally, part of the swimming area should be about 2.5 metres deep to keep the water nice and cool
  • The regeneration zones create an integrated landscape design that will give your backyard a more organic and natural look
  • A pool with a black liner will absorb heat better than any other colour, and you may not even have to install artificial heating.
  • Waterfall features can also be used to aerate the water
  • Most pools are designed to directly capture the sun’s heat in the shallower planted areas, although solar water heating can be used
  • It is possible to convert an existing traditional pool into a natural swimming pool

Nothing compares to the experience of swimming in a natural body of water. Installing a natural swimming pool creates an ecologically balanced self-cleaning ecosystem right in your backyard and they look great too!

For more information on natural swimming pools in New Zealand visit:

Watch one of the largest Natural/Organic Pools in the world and how it works:

Let Black Pine Architects assist you with incorporating a natural swimming pool into your next project.

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