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Tadelakt Plaster


Tadelakt is a type of natural, lime-based plaster originating in the Marrakech region of Morocco.

It provides a solution for finishing that is kind to the environment and to our health, while providing a beautiful and …

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Being a Good Ancestor

Being a good ancestor

The yearning for constant improvement raises the thought… what does it take to be a good ancestor? Helping your neighbour, drinking your coffee without a lid, growing your own parsnips… Every bit we can to improve the lives …

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Wool Insulation

Something that Aotearoa has an endless supply of is sheep. That is why this insulation material – essentially a by-product of one of our biggest exports – is not only a sustainable material option, but …

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Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is one of the most significant types of engineered wood product recently developed for structural applications. [1]Constructed from layers of timber glued together in opposing directions, it can also be …

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Clay Plaster

Continuing the conversation on natural building materials, is an overview of clay plaster. Clay could be considered a vernacular New Zealand building material, given our land’s richness of the substance. It can sometimes be used …

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Sustainable Forestry

Trees play a large role in New Zealand’s vernacular architecture. It is hard to beat locally grown and harvested native, naturally durable timber to facilitate our demand for sustainable construction.The awareness and demand for naturally …

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Universal Floor Design

What is Universal Design?‘Universal Design’ is a term coined by architect Ronald L. Mace. A wheelchair user from a young age due to Polio, he was acutely aware of the accessibility challenges posed by most …

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