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Practice X (we’ll keep real names out of the story for embarrassment reasons!) were struggling to get a specific project underway, there was a lack of traction and momentum in the production area.

This was causing stress within the practice; with work ‘hanging over’ staff. The distraction was causing a lack of concentration (with cost implications) on other ongoing projects too.

This was causing their good, regular paying clients to become increasingly nervous. Things weren’t looking good.

As everyone in the industry knows, the business of architecture & construction is a ‘lumpy’ beast, with peaks and troughs like no-other industry.
Lack of a ‘B’ plan for when work ‘peaks’, can quickly overload production capacity. Lack of a reliable back-up team can signal the end of much hard work and reputation building.

In this case, Practice X were facing some serious issues with huge negative implications on the bottom line:
-Loss of a regular, long term client
-Loss of frequent, reliable income
-Loss of credibility within the industry, with consequences on future work flow

In recognising this issue and at the 11th hour, they discovered Black Pine Production Services.

With Black Pine Production Services, they were able to add seamless production capacity to their team. Together we assessed their needs, agreed what needed to be done, agreed a price to complete it and a scary situation was narrowly avoided.

Now, being a pre-qualified partner means that they can call us at any time and we can tune in, adding capacity as & when they need it, using their standards and meeting their quality expectations.


The reassurance that ‘someone has got their back’, has meant that Practice X are able to secure more interesting & challenging projects which will raise their business profile (& profit levels!), comfortable in the knowledge that they have the capacity to continue providing their regular clients with exceptional service.

It’s always best to have the ‘B’ Plan in place before it’s required, why not [call us] now, before the stress levels get to Code Red!

Black Pine Production Services include:

–Passivhaus assessments & design input, by a Certified Designer
-Full Revit modelling
-Full Consent documentation, production & management
-Site observation and experienced contract administration in the Whanganui region
–Living Building Challenge assessments
–WELL Building Standard assessments

These options are backed with solid Residential, Commercial and Healthcare design experience.

Add to this 5 years’ experience onsite, both here and overseas and we’re able to provide exceptional understanding and construction knowledge.

Specific examples where we’ve come to the rescue, include:

When the UK’s leading Passivhaus architects Architype needed some short term, extra capacity for three school projects, they looked around the world and found Black Pine in Whanganui, New Zealand.

Using the latest Revit software and liberal doses of email, Skype and WeTransfer, we were able to provide accurate & timely modelling services using UK components & Standards.

“…it was Duncan’s friendly and knowledgeable approach, along with his expertise as a practising architect rather than a Revit technician, that gave us assurance that the Revit modelling would meet our needs. We knew we could communicate in ‘the same language’ so to speak…”
Elrond Burrell
Associate at Architype, Registered Architect, Certified Passivhaus designer

242AM Architects in Palmerston North were looking for some extra resource to increase production of Building Consent documentation, on a project by project basis.
Black Pine filled this gap when it was needed most, using the latest Revit software.

“He is one of the most reliable professionals I have come across. All work was usually produced before time and with great accuracy.…Communicating with Duncan is very simple as he is always calm and has a smile even in the most stressful situations.”
Monika Puri
Director & Registered Architect

How could it work for your practice?

1/Ideally, before things get out of hand, give us a call so that we can get to know each other and understand each other’s capabilities, before you need them. In this way we can plan for your key pressure points and ensure that we’re ready to pick up when needed.

2/If things are already past that point, give us a call to discuss the project and your required deadlines.
If we’re able to help & can fit your project in, you’ll send us through a project brief by email (or if you’re really flatout, for smaller work packages, we can summarise our understanding of the phone conversation and send it through for you to confirm).
Once the scope is agreed, we can have a quote back to you within 24 hours.
You sign the agreement, send us a copy and we’re underway!

Allow yourself space to breathe, [engage] Black Pine’s specialist knowledge on your projects today.

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