Black Pine Discovery Review.

Black Pine Discovery Review




The Discovery Review covers three critical areas that need to be addressed BEFORE design work begins:

1/ Dig deep into your needs & desires, to identify how you will know the project has been a success.

2/ Provide us both with a chance to get to know each other, before committing to the design work.

3/ Make a thorough assessment of the constraints & opportunities that your site & project present


All this is packaged into a concise report that can be used by Black Pine (or any other Architect, should we decide not to continue working together) as a guide on the design journey.

When it came to John & Katherine’s next house project, they took their learnings on their first home and engaged Black Pine Architects to undertake a Discovery Review first.

The Discovery Review provided them with guidance to fully investigate their needs and helped clarify the key outcomes that would ensure a successful project.

The review identified the constraints associated with their project, including legal, Geotechnical and also constraints caused by available infrastructure.

Most importantly the Black Pine Discovery Review provided them with guidance on the likely cost & time implications of their proposed project, BEFORE they started on design work.  (Decisions made at the beginning of a project are the cheapest, as time goes on, any changes get progressively more expensive to make!)

By undertaking the Discovery Review at the beginning of the project, John & Katherine saved themselves a fortune in misdirected fees, made sure that the effort put into the design phase was spent heading in the right direction and ensured that the outcome of the project provided them the benefits they really desired.

Black Pine Discovery.

If you are considering a construction project and think the Discovery Review would add value, contact us today.

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